What Could Your Cryptocurrency Be Worth in the Future?

Cryptocurrency has captured the imagination and wallets of celebs and investors alike. Is now the time to ride the cryptocurrency wave? Cipher.Technologies has compiled this list of some of the most popular digital currencies with growth potential.

Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has become the leading digital currency out of thousands of cryptocurrencies. The crypto market value recently topped over $2 trillion, in spite of ongoing conversations about regulation. While no one has a crystal ball, many analysts, futurists, and financial advisors believe that over the next few decades, bitcoin and other blockchain currencies will continue to make significant strides while disrupting the traditional financial landscape.

A quick look at search trends see a growing number of altcoin questions being asked including, “Should you invest in Bitcoin?” and “Should you invest in Dogecoin now?”

So if you are thinking about dipping your toe into crypto and wondering which is the best cryptocurrency to buy? Here’s a closer look.

The Most Sought-After Cryptocurrencies

With thousands to choose from, which is the best cryptocurrency to buy?

According to Coinmarketcap.com, the top four cryptocurrencies by market value are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), and Dogecoin (DOGE). Though volatile, Bitcoin and Ether, which both use a “proof of work” mining model, have a history of holding and increasing in value, while many obscure cryptos are regarded as speculative. Other popular altcoins include Cardano (ADP), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin (USDC). Each has its own utility. USD Coin is a stablecoin and pegged to stable dollar assets, while Bitcoin Cash, which split off from its parent in 2017, allows for faster money transactions, and has the potential to scale.


For anyone wondering, “should I invest in Bitcoin?”, there’s no denying that this premier peer-to-peer crypto currency, dubbed ‘digital gold,’ still leads the pack. Bitcoin, which uses a “proof of work” mining model, continues to be adopted by corporations and institutional investors. Earlier this year, Tesla said that it invested $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and planned to accept it as payment for its products. One unit is currently worth over $60,000 USD according to Coin Price Forecast. It’s expected to reach $85,000 by the end of 2021. By 2030, its price prediction is $234,458 whereas one forecaster speaking to Forbes has suggested it could hit half a million USD.


It’s the token of the Ethereum network, is the second-largest cryptocurrency. The leading DeFi platform, Ether can be used to exchange nonfungible tokens called NFTs. It has a programmable blockchain that developers can use to build special self-executing apps called decentralized applications, that rely on smart contracts. In December 2020, it briefly skyrocketed to over $500-billion market capitalization, a feat only Bitcoin has achieved. One unit of Ether is currently worth just under $4,000, and it could reach $6,025 by the end of this year. By 2030, it’s forecasted to be valued at $23,452 and $50,000.


Inspired by an Internet meme of a Japanese dog breed called Shiba Inu, Dogecoin was initially created as a joke payment system. A joke no more, Dogecoin’s popularity has surged, becoming the tweet darling of celebs like Snoop Dogg, brands including Snickers, and Elon Musk. It can be used to transfer small amounts of money with minimal trading fees and it’s been picked up by trading platforms like Robinhood, online brokerages, and cryptocurrency exchanges. It has a market cap of around $30 billion. One unit is currently worth just 24 cents, rising to 27c by the end of 2021 and 79c by 2030. It’s hard to predict though, one forecast suggests Dogecoin will be worth a huge $25.38 by 2030.


No longer considered speculative, Binance Coin, like Bitcoin, has a limited number of tokens in circulation (200 million), which has contributed to its rise. It’s now the fourth-largest cryptocurrency. As long as the popular Binance exchange continues to expand, Binance Coin, its digital asset, has a bullish outlook. It has a market cap of $69.322 billion. It currently has a unit price of over $400 and $685 by the end of 2021. Binance Coin is forecasted to be worth anything between $2,300 and $18,400 in 2030.



Founded in 2017 by one of the founders of Ether, Cardano is not the new kid on the block despite its modest £2.24 value. It’s considered a greener option as it proof-of-stake blockchain which uses significantly less energy than proof-of-work chains, like Bitcoin. Just like its peers though its predicted to have a meteoric rise to between $14.15 and $82.40 by 2030


In late 2021 Ripple has been the source of real buzz in the crypto world but it’s been around for a while, its currency is actually called XRP and was developed in 2011 before being launched in 2012. It’s worth just $1.16 right now but predictions have it increasing around 500% by 2030 to $5.77 while others predict it could go all the way to $17.

Pros and Cons of Altcoins

As decentralized currencies, crypto reaches a sector that traditional institutions have long overlooked, accommodating consumers who don’t have checking accounts or the financial bona fides to qualify for traditional loans, and people in countries with unstable national currencies.

Another advantage is that it allows customers to transfer money in minutes at any time, without incurring exorbitant bank fees or wire fees. Foreign market fluctuations are also a non-issue. Migrant workers, for example, are opting for cryptocurrencies when sending money back home to the developing world because they offer the least expensive remittance fees. And cryptocurrencies’ usage is likely to increase for sending money abroad unless central banks and financial institutions lower their fees.

Altcoins are notoriously unstable though. As we said earlier, Elon Musk announced Tesla would take payment in Bitcoin in February 2021. Just months later he reneged on that which sent Bitcoin into a tailspin. He then announced that Dogecoin was his crytpo of choice which gave it a dramatic boost.

So, should you invest in crypto right now?

Gerald Banks, founder and managing partner of Cipher Technologies

“Investing in crypto currency is a game of probability. A better question is what percentage of your savings you might want to consider investing in crypto. The answer depends on a number of important factors: age, general risk tolerance, immediate financial and liquidity needs, volatility of a specific asset. The real question is – do you want your investment to be able to ‘move the needle’ if it goes well and would you be crushed if it doesn’t?”